5 November 2021

Climate Change, resilience and new pandemics in the Artic

COP26 poster

Climate change is also affecting the Nordic countries, and there are vulnerable geographical areas that will be particularly affected by an increasing number of devastating natural events. The Climate Change Resilience in Small Communities in the Nordic Countries (CliCNord) Research Project will examine how small remote rural communities understand their situation, how they handle adverse events and build capacity, and investigate under what circumstances they need help from the established system and civil society organizations.

On November 1st, Rico Kongsager, associate professor at Københavns Professionshøjskole, Birgitta Evengård, professor, Umeå University and Nils Christian Stenseth, professor, University of Oslo (UiO) were at the Nordic Pavilion in Glasgow where they discussed the effects of and solutions to climate change on humans, animals and communities in the Arctic and the Nordic countries. 

Watch the video below:

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Category: Statistics, Marketing