About COPE

Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research (COPE) is a platform for inter-disciplinary research, teaching and networking on disasters and climate change issues.

Along with members from different faculties at the University of Copenhagen, COPE’s main partners include University College Copenhagen and Roskilde University.

COPE's aim is to facilitate multidisciplinary disaster research by:

  1. supporting and promoting collaborative studies,
  2. sharing results from this research and
  3. circulating the results of these projects, thus advancing knowledge in the field.

With this expansive ideology at its base, the center sets out to attract both scholars and funding from national and international institutions. The research center is ultimately working towards a research-based education through the Master of Disaster Management (MDMa) programme at the University of Copenhagen.

The researchers involved in founding the Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research represent all six academic faculties, thus facilitating a center governed by many different voices, ideas and perceptions of what disaster research encompasses.


Interdisciplinary partners at University of Copenhagen: