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Accepted, forthcoming:

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Selected Pipeline:

Journal Articles

Bjerge, B., Fisker, P. Crop Choice in Response to Extreme Weather in Nigeria.

Fisker, P. Vulnerability to Malnutrition in the West African Sahel. Revise and resubmit journal Food Policy,

Fisker, P. Predicted Greenness: Refining the econometrics of global drought measurement. (Target journal:
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submitted in 2018.

Raju, E. Engaging with Gender and Disasters- Experiences from South Asia (book chapter in preparation for
a book Climate Hazards and Gendered Ramifications. (Due April 2018)

Sørensen, B. R. In memory of crisis: A comparison of war and disaster memorials in Sri Lanka (Target
Journals: American Ethnologist)

Thorsen, L. M. Art and Climate Change: Cosmopolitization of Aesthetics / Aesthetics of Cosmopolitization,
Global Networks, Special issue on Methodological Cosmopolitanism. Accepted for peer-review. Will be
submitted in May 2018

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