2 July 2020

COPE Outreach

Rico Konsager writes about Climate Change and fear.

John Rand and Henrik Hansen contribute to the COVID discussion- Professorer: Manglende global solidaritet kan skabe migrationspres: https://www.altinget.dk/udvikling/artikel/professorer-manglende-global-solidaritet-kan-skabe-migrationspres

Kristian Lauta is interviewed - Juraprofessor om ny taskforce: Efter historisk indgribende love skal vi have et velfungerende demokrati tilbage

Emmanuel Raju was invited to speak on Urban Living, Density and Pandemics to Emergency Architecture & Human Rights (EAHR), WHO and Think-Fast: A collective urban response to COVID-19 in collaboration with the Copenhagen Architecture Festival

Read a story by the School of Global Health on how students from Disaster Management, Global Development and Global Health from University of Copenhagen are contributing to the ACAPS project on mapping COVID-19 responses across the world. https://globalhealth.ku.dk/news/2020/mapping-covid-19-government-measures-worldwide/

In the latest episode of the Disasters Deconstructed podcast, Associate Professor Emmanuel Raju and others are discussing the positive COVID-19 responses we are seeing: examples of how people as individuals and in a variety of groups are reaching out to others in ways that use, reinforce and cultivate capabilities and the institutions that enable humans to thrive together. Listen here: https://disastersdecon.podbean.com/e/friday-special-covid-19-positive-responses/?fbclid=IwAR07lTSRrnNOh4LVQ9udnvm3c6_wSXYeu9b0uvSEoqCpgfL4ojiaom786i8