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20 January 2018

COPE Article Makes 'Editors Pick' For Cholera Global Research Forum

COPE researchers latest article for the Journal of Infectious Diseases on the history of Cholera epidemics and their ability to offer new insights has made 'editors pick' for the Cholera channel on

Matthew Phelps, Mads Linnet Perner, Virginia E Pitzer, Viggo Andreasen, Peter K M Jensen, Lone Simonsen published the article about the need for a re-invesgitation into the causes of cholera, taking the 1853 outbreak in Denmark as a starting premise.








As cholera is considered the quintessential long-cycle waterborne disease, studies have emphasized the existence of short-cycle (food, household) transmission. The authors investigated singular Danish cholera epidemics (in 1853) to elucidate epidemiological parameters and modes of spread. Short-cycle transmission was likely critical to early secondary transmission in historic Danish towns. The outbreaks resembled the contemporary Haiti outbreak with respect to transmissibility, age patterns, and CFR, suggesting a role for broader hygiene/sanitation interventions to control contemporary outbreaks.

Congratulations to our researchers for making the Editors Pick!

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