20 May 2021

Call for abstracts and think pieces

Oslo Fisketorget

Climate Change Related Displacement and Mobility in the Nordic Region: Legal and Policy Responses

Are you a scholar researching climate change related displacement and mobility in the Nordic region? Would you like to connect and develop ideas for future research with other scholars working on this issue from a Nordic perspective?

The Nordic Network on Climate Displacement and Mobility welcomes abstracts and think pieces for its first workshop “Climate Change Related Displacement and Mobility in the Nordic Region: Legal and Policy Responses” to be held online via Zoom on 16 September 2021. This workshop aims to advance thinking on the legal and policy responses to climate events that trigger human mobility within the Nordic region, and to identify and progress potential future research collaborations.

During this one-day interactive workshop, we will explore different subthemes (see below), share research interests, cocreate ideas and explore synergies for future research collaborations. We will also learn from leading scholars from other regions with similar climate and policy contexts.

Scholars from any discipline are welcome to submit abstracts or think pieces of no longer than one page. We encourage new ideas, ripe for potential research collaboration, as well as research that can be used as a point of departure.

The abstract/think piece can cover one or more of the following or related subthemes:

  • Planning for climate displacement. Taking into account the climate change impacts relevant for the Nordic region, what are the anticipated displacement risks and how can people and property be protected? What lessons can be learned from approaches taken elsewhere?
  • Nordic indigenous communities, climate displacement and mobility. What are the challenges that Nordic indigenous communities are facing in terms of climate change and potential displacement? To what extent can planned relocation offer assistance to Sami and Greenlandic Inuit communities? Can legal and regulatory measures really protect these communities?
  • Identities, minoritizations and exclusions. What are the effects of climate related rules and policy on people’s subjectivities and identities? Are there possible minoritizations and exclusions and how can they be avoided? To what extent is climate gentrification displacing communities within Nordic cities and how can populations that are more vulnerable to displacement be protected?


Read more about the call for abstracts and think pieces (pdf)

Find out more about the Nordic Network on Climate Related Displacement and Mobility on its website.