Master's defense – University of Copenhagen

14 April 2015

Master's defense

Stud. med. Leela Sengupta is defending her Master's thesis Wednesday, April 15, 11:00 - 12:00. Leela has recently concluded her research year at COPE, implementing a mHealth system for the C5 project. Based on this she will be defending her thesis Recalling Diarrhea: Development of a mobile surveillance system for diarrhea.

The thesis presents the novel methodology of a mobile surveillance system for diarrhea and cholera, set up in a slum area in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The thesis presents findings and an evaluation of using mobile phones at the household level for disease surveillance.

Leela will be defending her research to COPE director Associate Professor Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen and Clinical Associate Professor Ida Elisabeth Gjørup Skinhøj. 

The event will take place at COPE offices on Thorvaldsenvej 57, 1st floor. 
The defense is open to the public.