Disasters, Organizations & Sociology, ISA 2014 – University of Copenhagen

06 June 2013

Disasters, Organizations & Sociology, ISA 2014

A call for papers for a panel at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology, 13-19 July 2014, Yokohama, being jointly convened by RC17 Sociology of Organizations and RC39 Sociology of Disasters

Abstracts can be submitted via the ISA 2014 site (deadline 30th September). 

Sociologists of disasters frame the organization and organizing as critical components in disaster management. Organization theorists have found disasters useful in making their case, particularly when disasters shed light on organizational failure or disintegration. Yet studies featuring both “organization” and “disaster” have produced very different kinds of accounts of the relationship between the two – sociologists of disaster and sociologists of organization only rarely confronting opportunities, and indeed tensions, that emerge from bringing these objects of exploration together. 

The ISA invite papers with an interest in both the sociology of disasters and the sociology of organization. What do these two fields and their objects have to say to each other? What might a more symmetrical understanding of disasters and organizations afford? How could links between studies of disaster and the sociology of organization be strengthened? What insights on organizational continuity, maintenance and basic economic infrastructure of the wider society, does a collaboration between these two research areas afford? Papers can be empirical or theoretical and should focus on issues relevant to both fields (e.g. uncertainty, preparedness, accountability, risk, communication, etc.). 

Session Organizers
Dean Pierides, University of Melbourne, d.pierides@unimelb.edu.au 
Joe Deville, Goldsmiths, University of London, j.deville@gold.ac.uk 
Avi Kirschbaum, Israel Institute of Technology, avik@tx.technion.ac.il

For more information
RC 39, Sociology of Disasters [host committee]

RC 17, Sociology of Organizations