Re-Establishing Justice After a Natural Disaster – University of Copenhagen

03 July 2014

Re-Establishing Justice After a Natural Disaster

In the aftermath of the L’Aquila earthquake the world almost stopped spinning in disbelief. What prompted surprise was not the catastrophic consequences of the earthquake, but the initiation by Italian prosecutors of a trial against six scientists and one public official for their reassurances about safety on the eve of the tragic event. The global disbelief only grew last year as the competent tribunal sentenced all seven to between seven and six years’ imprisonment for manslaughter.

While the dominant narrative depicted these events as an instance of ‘science on trial’, a special issue of European Journal of Risk Regulation (EJRR) on the L'Aquila takes an alternative, contextualized view of the case. The issue is edited by Kristian Cedervall Lauta, and contains contributions from researchers all around Europe.