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20 September 2016

Changing Disasters in Politiken


Changing Disasters featured in the danish newspaper Politiken, in a summer series on disaster research.

This July was a treat for readers of Danish newspaper Politiken. Five different pieces, all written by Changing Disasters researchers, were printed in a series of articles focused on disaster research.

Morten Broberg wrote about our very understanding of what a disaster is, predicting that ‘slow’ disasters will an increasingly bigger role as climate change takes its toll. I another piece, Maja Fisker Kielberg and Kristian Cedervall Lauta emphasized the importance of working across borders and scientific disciplines in order to properly cope with disasters.

As the ‘Anthropocene’ emerges, Line Marie Thorsen described how art is key in order to comprehend our new reality.

Kristoffer Albris busted the myth of anarchic disaster settings, as chaos in most cases gives rise to solidarity. Through the lense of theology, Christine Tind Johannessen-Henry discussed how faith and spirituality helps us deal with the meaninglessness of catastrophic events. 

Lone Simonsen and colleagues described how the exploration of historical epidemics can be important for our understanding of contemporary cholera outbreaks in low income countries.

All of the articles were printed in Politiken. A full list follows:

Morten Broberg: “Tsunami-effekt. Når katastrofen rammer”, 9.7.2016.

Lone Simonsen, Mads Linnet Perner, Matthew Phelps & Peter Kjær Mackie Jensen: “Epidemi. Historien kan sætte kolera I nyt lys”, 10.7.2016.

Maja Fisker Kielberg & Kristian Cedervall Lauta: ”Hjælp! Katastrofer kender ingen grænser”, 23.7.2016.

Line Marie Thorsen: ”Antropocæn. Katastrofernes tid er kommet”, 24.7.2016.

Christine Tind Johhanessen-Henry: ”Trøst. Sådan hjælper sjælesorg i katastrofen”, 31.7.2016.

Morten Broberg: ”Langsom. Katastroferne sniger sig ind på os”, 7.8.2016.

Kristoffer Albris: ”Mytedræber. Der er solidaritet i helvede”, 11.9.2016.