Climate Fiction at KU – University of Copenhagen

02 May 2014

Climate Fiction at KU

COPE and Changing Disasters would like to congratulate Gregers Andersen on his thesis, which was defended earlier this week.

PhD Gregers Andersen has just defended his thesis, Climate-Changed Existence and its Worlds; Global Warming in Fiction and Philosophy. 

In his research, Andersen argues that works of fiction that deal with disasterous events and issues such as climate change, serve to simulate potential real-world consequences, and arm the public mentally in imagining an altered existence post-disaster. (Similar in the manner to which the American CDC launched a zombie survival guide in order to get people interested in emergency preparedness.)

His work with climate change, disasters and fiction ties in well with our ongoing projects, and we urge everyone to take a look at an article written for KU's website earlier this week discussing his research:
"Fiction prepares us for a world changed by global warming"