Changing Disasters: Kick Off – University of Copenhagen

21 October 2013

Changing Disasters: Kick Off

The event marks the beginning of the UCPH 2016 project “Changing Disasters”. This research project aims to explore the two-way relationship between disaster and society. It is vital to understand how modern disasters are shaped by societies – but it is no less vital to understand how contemporary societies are shaped by disasters.

At the event the project will be presented and two internationally renowned scholars will lead the discussion of some of the most vexing issues of disaster research. 


Friday 1 November 2013 9:00-11:30


The Ceremonial Hall (Festsalen), University of Copenhagen, Main Building, Frue Plads 4, DK-1168 Copenhagen K


09:00 – 09:10
Morten Broberg (Professor, University of Copenhagen) and Kristian Cedervall Lauta (Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen):  Welcome

09:10 – 09:40
Professor Kathleen Tierney (Director, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder): Levels of Analysis in the Social Production of Risk

09:40 – 10:10
Michele Landis Dauber (Professor, Stanford University): The Sympathetic State: Disaster Relief in Historical Perspective

10:10 – 10:30

10:30 – 11:30
Small Reception


For participation in the event please use this registration form no later than Friday, 25 October 2013, 24:00 at the latest.