Osaka: ACSEE 2014 – University of Copenhagen

30 January 2014

Osaka: ACSEE 2014

ACSEE 2014: The 4th Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment.

2014 Conference Theme: "Individual, Community, Society: Conflict, Resolution and Synergy" June 12 - 15 in Osaka, Japan

The international, intercultural and interdisciplinary academic conference on the social sciences is organised by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) in conjunction with global partners, including Waseda University (Japan), London University (UK) and Virginia Tech (USA).

"Conflict within communities and societies is inevitable given that these groups are based on commonality of geography, values, attitudes, and beliefs that help to differentiate one from another. The dialectic engendered by diversity, however, although it may lead to conflict, can play an important role in the expansion of ideas in communities and societies. One major challenge of modern society is to harness the synergy that emerges from the interactive dialectic generated by these differences. [...]

ACSEE 2014 will address the various dimensions of human sustainability as we invite scholars from around the world to address questions and search for synergies and solutions to the complex issues surrounding sustainability in a forum encouraging serious and thoughtful exchange between academics, members of the global business community, and practitioners in the fields of human endeavor that link these."

Call for papers now open: abstract submissions deadline Feb 15, 2014
Special Theme: "Sustainability, Society and the Environment: Searching for Synergies"

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[ACSEE2014 is not affiliated with COPE, but has similiar academic aspirations.]