What Aid Can Accomplish -- Indonesia's Lessons on Disaster Preparedness and Response – University of Copenhagen

What Aid Can Accomplish -- Indonesia's Lessons on Disaster Preparedness and Response

Banda Aceh marks tsunami 5th anniversary. Source: Getty Images

The Indonesia tsunami and earthquake response multi-donor trust funds, the Multi Donor Fund for Aceh and Nias (MDF) and the Java Reconstruction Fund (JRF) which began in 2005 and 2006, have recently concluded their successful reconstruction programs.

These programs provide excellent examples of development cooperation and what partnerships can achieve.  The World Bank was the trustee for the trust funds. A delegation from the trust fund secretariat, and key counterparts from the Indonesian central government and Aceh province will present the experiences and lessons learned from these programs, and best practices and models for replication.

The presentation and discussion will cover lessons from community driven reconstruction, capacity development, gender mainstreaming, infrastructure and economic development, multi-level coordination and the operations of multi-donor funds, as well as disaster preparedness and resilience.

This event provides a unique insight into the succesful results of modern disaster management, and is to be viewed as an open invitation for questions and discussions. Disasters are inherently interdisciplinary, and we encourage interested parties from a vide variety of academic and professional backgrounds to attend.

As both practical, theoretical, academic and managerial aspects will be covered during the presentation, we hope to further broaden the field of disaster research, in order to benefit us both proactively in facing future disasters, and also in order to better assess past disasters.